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The store tends to be busy. Constantly!

A constantly high customer frequency

Customer traffic is the essential prerequisite for high and stable retail turnover. Regular customers play a central role for achieving this. Ideally, however, new customers should also be attracted. But how can busy customer traffic be generated?

Well, quite simply through little differences. Beautiful, lovingly selected items that inspire people and that they enjoy and to which they can treat themselves. Things that make visiting the store worthwhile and that make customers remember the store fondly. And things that make them curious to find out what they might discover next time - making them want to return soon.

The best thing to happen in retail is high customer traffic combined with busy buying activities.

And that's why you get from BOLTZE:

1. Customer whisperers - chosen by women for women: By experts with a passion for details who truly understand the consumer. Who are travelling the world on her behalf. To choose the best products. This way your customer will always find what she is looking for: Wonderful little items that she can use to beautify her home.

2. A personal touch - items that customers will not find anywhere else - because you are able to choose between 12,000 product ideas every year, more of 70 % of which we have designed ourselves! Your customers are going to love you because your product range is so wonderfully unique!

3. Plenty of inspiration - with an incredibly wide and diverse range for all areas of life and living - seasonal and every day themes such as spring or autumn, occasions including Easter and Christmas, indoor and outdoor items from all over the world - we are pleased to add all of this to your store! And the best part is: everything can be combined! This way your customers will find everything they are looking for.

4. Professional product presentation - love for details and a suitable emotional atmosphere are our daily business. This is the reason why we care so much about presentation, because we want you to take away as many ideas as possible from your visit and to be inspired for your own product presentation. You are looking for more? Our decoration team will gladly provide you with advice and practical support.

5. More than one world - because there is a new one every season. Or two. Or three. Up to 365 a year! A diverse range of styles from all corners of the earth! And the best part is: Style worlds with matching items - so in the end a few more items are bound find their way into your customers’ shopping baskets!