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Wholesale garden decoration – for your store

Whether you’re selling garden furniture as a furniture retailer, a large garden centre or local florist shop, items from our wholesale garden decoration range enhance your business with an additional range that can generate sales for you. Many consumers love a beautiful garden and this includes more than just a few beetroot or a nice patio sofa. The right decorations turn a garden into a homely and inviting place. At BOLTZE, our large selection of wholesale garden decorations can transform any garden into a cosy retreat.

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The market is experiencing a trend towards more sustainability in private gardens. Garden owners want to provide food and drink for birds so that they have plenty of nourishment in winter and sufficient water in summer. At BOLTZE, you’ll find decorative bird baths and cute bird houses in our wholesale garden decorations to meet this increasing demand. Turn your customers’ gardens into a little bird watching paradise. Almost every consumer is now aware of how important bees and insects are for our ecosystem. Create a welcome home for them in the garden with these practical insect hotels from our wholesale garden range. BOLTZE wholesale garden decorations not only enhance outdoor areas but also help support the animal kingdom.

Take a look at our flower pots and vases product category in our wholesale garden decoration range. Here you’ll find a wide selection of planters in various colours and attractive designs which are suitable for outdoor areas and look great by the front door or on a terrace or balcony. They provide a bee-friendly plant home anywhere.

Atmospheric outdoor lighting is the icing on the cake of garden decoration. By using the right lights from the BOLTZE wholesale garden decoration range, you can transform dark, outdoor areas into a place where you’ll want to spend cosy evenings with friends and family. You’ll find energy-saving LED lights for your customers in our wholesale garden range. The outdoor table lights from the BOLTZE wholesale garden decoration range are battery-operated. This means they can be placed anywhere: by the front door or on a garden table or balcony. Fairy lights are a real all-rounder in our wholesale garden decoration range. They provide that “certain extra something” on balconies, covered terrace areas or gazebos. You’ll also find suitable outdoor Christmas lights in our wholesale garden decoration range, letting you meet your customers’ requirements for decorative outdoor lighting all year round.

We can also recommend our wide range of more than 1,200 wind lights and lanterns from our wholesale garden range. Be it minimalist, country style, boho or romantic, you’ll find the right products to suit your customers’ tastes in our wholesale garden decoration range. Flickering candlelight perfectly rounds off garden lighting. Need a bigger flame? Then you should be sure to look at our fire pits in our wholesale garden decoration range. No matter whether you opt for a simple black or extravagant patina-finished fire pit, this appealing must-have from our wholesale garden decoration range will draw all eyes to it. 

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Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts, which is why our company premises and supply chain are environmentally friendly. We’ve already taken several measures, some of which we’d like to present to you. At our headquarters, we use renewable geothermal energy to heat and cool our offices. We are continuing to reduce business trips by plane or car, opting to use train or hold meetings via video conference instead. Our document processes are largely paperless in order to reduce our paper consumption. Our large, green company premises are also home to 20 beehives run by a local beekeeper. 

In terms of production and delivery management, most of our wholesale garden decoration suppliers are certified under BSCI, Sedex or SA8000. We are also expanding our European supplier base in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Most of our products containing wood are FSC-certified. We also avoid single-use materials. We avoid MDF materials and the use of plastic in products and packaging. We are sustainably expanding our range by using more recycled glass, for example. Each day, we work on finding processes that can be improved and made more sustainable.

Are you familiar with BOLTZE own designs? Each season, our product management team creates unique designs available exclusively from us, including for our wholesale garden decoration range. Our trend scouts are continuously searching for the most in-demand patterns, colours and styles. These findings are then lovingly incorporated into our designs. This results in our own design range consisting of various product groups that fit perfectly together. For example, you’ll find garden ornaments, bird houses and flower pots in the same design in our wholesale garden range. This lets you create your own sets to suit you. Take a look in my.BOLTZE or speak to your contact partner.

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BOLTZE has been a family-run business since 1964 with around 300 employees and numerous suppliers worldwide. Today, the company is in its second generation, managed by Adrian Boltze along with CEO Timo Steinberg, and has become a market leader for home accessories. To this day, cooperation is at the heart of the company’s philosophy. We are passionate about supporting our customers with wholesale garden decorations that they can pass on to their customers with love. We work together: direct, trustworthy and familiar, even. Always with the goal of creating the optimum solution for everyone.

Visit us in person and discover our diverse range of wholesale garden decorations for yourself. We present our new products and bestsellers at our elaborately decorated, themed showrooms in Essen and Braak, with a total area of 5,200 m². Alternatively, you will find us exhibiting at key industry events and trade fairs.

Would you like to have access to all wholesale garden decorations as well as our entire range of over 11,000 products, placing orders around the clock? Then you should be sure to visit our digital my.BOLTZE retailer portal, which is far more than just an online shop. Here you can benefit from the many well-thought-out features that are tailored to your needs as a reseller.

Sounds interesting? Then create your non-binding my.BOLTZE account today and experience our wholesale garden decorations for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you as a BOLTZE customer soon!