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Selecting and ordering is super easy

The same things that make shopping a pleasant experience for our customers, can make your working days enjoyable, too. Enjoyment and work? How do these go together? It is made possible, even by the ease of the shopping process itself. Whether it be an individual consultation on-site or a seamless ordering process in our online portal. In any case, there will be the impression that you are able to focus on what is essential: purchasing. Meeting any requirements, no matter how individual..

Select your favourite items, combine them lovingly and arrange them skilfully in your own space. Shopping for other people can be so much fun!

This is why BOLTZE provides you with:

1. Always the right contact - We have fixed contact partners who are authorised to make decisions, for any need. Whether it be your local sales representative, your regular customer services liaison or - in the case of particular requests - one of our various specialists.

2. Online, at our premises - and around the world - You need a quick and straightforward solution? No problem: Shopping 24 hours a day in our online shop. Or come and experience our merchandise in our showrooms. Or at all the important trade fairs of the industry.

3. Agency services - We have our own representative offices in China. This allows us to provide support locally, to arrange contacts and to accompany you if you would like to carry out your own procurement. We design and implement special processes for you.

4. Fairness - Sometimes a product does not meet your expectations. We have been there. And this is why we appreciate fair conduct. So, whenever possible, we strive to be just as fair towards our customers.

5. A fantastic, experienced and likeable team - Full stop.