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The products are unique and popular among the customers

Experience a unique product world!

Customer traffic alone is not enough. It must be translated into turnover. As frequently and in the biggest quantities as possible. So how do you keep up this impulse from looking, touching, wanting through to buying?

Simply everything must be right: The right atmosphere upon entering the store, being able to look around and to drift through the store, the moment the customer picks up their little daydream, trying it out and buying it without remorse. No disturbances, everything flows together to create a perfect match.

The pleasant feeling to occasionally treat themselves makes customers happy - and retailers, too.

This is why BOLTZE provides you with:

1. Trends on shelves - Let us take the world into your store. Never miss a trend. Our international trend scouting and expert teams will make sure of this. They unerringly create the trend worlds for you that your customers are looking for. That they will remember and wish to take home.

2. Guaranteed success - Let us provide you directly with top selling products. The high likelihood of success is based on analysed data of our best-of products from more than 6,000 customers. Broken down by region and across all industries. Effective sales guaranteed.

3. Everything from a single source - The attraction of the products depends significantly on their effect when combined. Everything must fit together. Products from all corners of the earth, coordinated among hundreds of suppliers and available at your store at just the right time. And of course you are able to individually adjust them. To make sure they take the best effect possible.

4. Optimising retail space - We help you to optimise your retail space. This includes product holders, displays, walking routes and lighting - or ideally we would like to cooperate with you for most effective planning. How do we know, how it is done correctly? From countless store checks and from analysing spaces that have proved successful, including our own.