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No need for storage facilities

Well-stocked shelves feel like freshly washed, fragrant laundry. Everything is nicely cared for and just waiting to be picked up. Reliable organisation and logistics are necessary to maintain this impression on a daily basis, no matter how fast-paced selling activities may get.

How do you achieve a balance between product pressure, sales area and selling? The keyword is: Availability. Our warehouse is your warehouse. Products are delivered exactly when they are needed. At the right time and to the right place. In manageable quantities that correspond to realistic requirements.

The best turnover is turnover that actually takes place. For this purpose, merchandise must always be available where the customers are: on the shelf. And we are taking care of this.

This is why BOLTZE provides you with:

1. One stop shop – With us you will find everything you need from a single source. Our product range comprises merchandise from more than 150 suppliers from all over the world - and we arrange for these products to be delivered according to your wishes: Packing height, up to 600 branches and 6,000 products at the same time, thematically organised. A direct link from the whole world to your shelf.

2. The biggest selection - Free delivery - Top product availability guaranteed. Constant and immediate replacement delivery even for small quantities. Free delivery and prompt payment discounts. All of this is possible owing to our wide and deep product range on 70,000 pallet spaces and with steadily available goods with a value of 25 million euros..

3. Reliable scheduling - Our planning provides for your desired schedule. We keep to the agreed upon deadlines. So you are able to precisely dispose your stock levels and to time logistics. This way you are prepared, no matter how busy things get.

4. Fixed delivery cycles - How about regular delivery every three days? Which ever way works best for you! We are at your disposal and able to react flexibly even when you are ordering small quantities.

5. Efficient logistics solutions - We are using state-of-the-art logistics technology. This allows us to significantly reduce expenses and to ensure that your goods are at the right place at the right time. Please talk to us if you would like to know more!