Vases wholesale - discover our large selection

There is nothing more beautiful than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Although - there is something that is even more beautiful: a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase! In our vase wholesale you will find a huge selection of different vases that will make your customers' eyes light up. From subtle mini vases, in which individual flowers can be beautifully displayed, to vases in unusual colors and shapes, to large floor vases for lush pampas grass and other branches - discover everything an interior heart desires in the vase wholesale from BOLTZE .

Many of your customers are certainly looking for vases that are eye-catching and give the interior that certain something. With spherical, sculptural or grooved vases from BOLTZE's wholesale vases, you ensure that your customers find exactly what they are looking for and finally put an end to their search. After all, BOLTZE vase wholesale is so popular with its B2B customers from a wide variety of industries precisely because of the large selection of unusual vase shapes. Thanks to our expert teams and trend scouts, we at BOLTZE always know which vases are particularly popular at the moment and pass this knowledge directly on to you.

Vases made of high-quality materials: you will find what you are looking for in BOLTZE vase wholesale

Boltze Glas Vasen Großhandel

Among the all-time favorites in the wide range of vases wholesale by BOLTZE are vases made of glass. These are particularly timeless and fit perfectly into any furnishing style. At the same time, you can always rely on variety at BOLTZE vase wholesale, because you will not only find transparent glass vases in the range, but also vases made of colored glass and even glass vases with exciting color gradients.

In addition to glass vases, the BOLTZE vase wholesale range also includes, for example, numerous ceramic vases of particularly high quality. The beauty of this material is that there are no limits to creativity. Be inspired by the different designs that the vase wholesaler has to offer in this section. Whether matt or shiny ceramic surfaces, colorful or muted tones - no matter what you have in mind, you will find it at BOLTZE in the vases wholesale.

Flower pot wholesale: the right pot for every plant

Boltze Outdoor Blumentöpfe Großhandel

The range of flower pots is just as large as the selection of different vases in our vase wholesale shop. Thus, the right flower pot for every conceivable plant can be found here. Starting with small pots for the windowsill to large outdoor pots in which your customers can plant balcony and garden plants. The vase and flower pot wholesale from BOLTZE impresses with a large variety and regularly changing ranges.

Here you can find exactly the right thing for every taste. The highlights among the flower pots and vases by BOLTZE include plant pots with a concrete look, which fit perfectly into apartments furnished in an industrial style. In contrast to this are flower pots in a romantic design. You will find numerous plant pots with playful flower motifs in the BOLTZE flower pot wholesale shop. Fans of the country house style will be particularly happy about this. In addition, there are many other looks, but all flower pots from the BOLTZE flower pot wholesaler have one thing in common: they really show off any indoor and outdoor plants.

Flower pots and vases as a gift idea

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is probably the most common souvenir of all. After all, almost everyone is happy about that. But you can make your loved ones even more happy if you give them the right vase as a present. Flowers wither after a short time, but the vase remains and you can enjoy it every day. Therefore, our vase wholesale is also a popular contact point for the gift retail trade, because the selection of flower pots and vases that are suitable as gifts is simply huge here.

Offer flower pots and vases from our vase wholesale either individually as gifts or as a set. For example, it makes sense to sell a high-quality vase together with dried flowers as a set. Or a pretty plant pot with the matching artificial plant. In addition to flower pots and vases, you will also find a variety of deceptively real-looking artificial plants and dried flowers in BOLTZE wholesale, which can be perfectly combined with each other. The nice thing about it is that the recipient has something of the gift for longer. Unlike fresh flowers, BOLTZE dried flowers and artificial plants last forever.

Your benefits as a customer of the BOLTZE vase wholesaler

As a customer of the BOLTZE vase wholesaler, you benefit from numerous advantages. For example, we assure you constant availability of goods. If you order vases wholesale from us, you can specify when you would like to receive your order. We will take care of the rest and you will receive your flower pots and vases exactly when you need them.
In addition, our range consists of several product categories and trend worlds, which are based on different style and color concepts. You will therefore always find other perfectly coordinated home accessories to go with the items you have selected from our vase wholesale. In combination, these result in a harmonious overall picture on your shelves and create additional buying incentives for your customers.
When shopping in BOLTZE wholesale vases, it is not so easy to make decisions due to the variety. Therefore, if you wish, we can provide you with your own personal contact who will give you extensive advice and help you to make the perfect selection of flower pots and vases for you. It is best to contact us now to receive individual advice.

Stationary trade or online shop: you can rely on BOLTZE as a vase wholesaler

With BOLTZE vases wholesale, you can be sure that we will tailor our services to your needs. Because we know very well that the requirements in brick-and-mortar retail are very different from those in e-commerce. In brick-and-mortar retail, we support you with space concepts tailored to your industry and an impressive presentation of goods. As a vase wholesaler, we have built up valuable expertise and gained experience over decades, which we are happy to pass on to you. Our decoration team is at your side with advice and action when it comes to staging your flower pots and vases in the shop and creating incentives to buy.

You can also rely on us as your partner as an online retailer. BOLTZE gives you everything you need for a successful sale. From verifying product information for your item detail pages to web-optimized imagery. In addition, when browsing the online shop of our vase wholesale my.BOLTZE, YOU can see at a glance which of our items can be shipped individually. These are ideal for being able to easily send them directly to your customers by parcel post.

The BOLTZE vase wholesaler is already looking forward to welcoming you as a customer and to becoming the new, reliable business partner at your side. Make an appointment now or register with the my.BOLTZE online shop.