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High margin-articles

Products with good margins are vital to the industry. But how do you identify these coveted products? Especially considering that each region has its own preferences and that warehouse space should become available again for new products as quickly as possible. If selling takes longer after all, the existing stock of merchandise will merge with new items and profit from these fresh accents. How is that possible? It is all a matter of combining and planning.

It is great if the products - and the respective prices - are right. It is even better if the margin is right too - and this is what happens if a retailer got everything right.

This is why BOLTZE provides you with:

1. Loads of bestsellers - We are always searching for truly attractive products: products with good margins that is. Products that do not only enable you to calculate high mark-ups but that also move quickly. And of which you are also able to re-order very small quantities.

2. Regional expertise - Are you looking for suitable products for your region? Your personal consultant knows the area and will provide you with advice that fits your environment. Because he or she lives around the corner from you. This is how subtle differences and a sense of the people in your area are maintained.

3. A return rate of less than one percent - because we are aware of the quality standards that your customers demand and we only deliver products that meet these standards. The quality assurance process for our products consists of several steps, including on-site production monitoring.

4. Smart modular system - Our merchandise is compiled for items to complement each other across the seasons, in terms of colours, shapes and themes. Items that were not sold can therefore be easily integrated into the next product range. Remaining stocks and write-offs of products are reduced, as a result.

5. True partnership - Long-term thinking and acting as a family business. We are dedicated to partnerships, we are financially strong but not controlled by the financial markets. This allows us to maintain fair conditions and to pass these on to you.