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It does not feel as though there even are suppliers - the cooperation is seamles

Transparent processes

Administration can take up a lot of time. Effective administration, on the other hand, is super fast. Only information that is truly necessary is processed. Processes are straightforward, quick to handle and picture-based. Showing the correct picture in the correct place can make many things easier.

The full value chain is interconnected by digitised goods flows. These provide for transparent processes, allowing for seamless links throughout the entire merchandise management. The result of this is a clear overview that allows for efficient and cost-effective organisation even for large full-range retailers.

The future is all about digitisation and lean processes. We know that this does not sound very romantic, but you are going to love the advantages.

This is why BOLTZE provides you with:

1. Simplicity - Our dealer shop has a clear and comprehensive structure. Detailed product descriptions and order confirmations that include a colour picture of the product. Allocation is a lot easier, as a result.

2. Perfect preparatory work - Product information and descriptions are automatically linked to product pictures, to meet ecommerce requirements. This means that direct trading is just a few clicks away.

3. Compatibility - Our data management links up various file formats on several different levels - order confirmations for Excel, or EDI, or PDF, or CSV. Price labelling included. Links to your merchandise management are also ensured.

4. One for all - Even full-range retailers will find everything they need. You are able to retrieve highly detailed information at any time and from any place - information regarding all seasons, for indoor and outdoor areas, for all price ranges and standards. The number of suppliers is therefore reduced.