Tips and tricks for my.BOLTZE

Our my.BOLTZE merchant portal offers many features that will make your online shopping experience even more enjoyable! So that you can use the full potential, you will find here various instructions (e.g. for the registration process) as well as many tips and tricks for different applications. Simply and understandably explained via short step-by-step videos. Just take a look!


Registering for my.BOLTZE for the first time

Registering for my.BOLTZE for the first time
First registration step 1 for interested parties and customers Here you can find out how to register as a B2B dealer for the first time for my.BOLTZE:

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Company registration with BOLTZE customer number

First registration step 2a for BOLTZE customers

You have already registered as a my.BOLTZE user and have your own BOLTZE customer number? Great, now all you have to do is link your user data with your customer number. Then you can access your documents and many other personal company data.

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Company registration without BOLTZE customer number

First registration step 2b for BOLTZE interested parties

You have already registered as a user for my.BOLTZE, but have not yet purchased any goods from BOLTZE and therefore do not have a BOLTZE customer number? No problem, in the second step we only need some company data to simplify your first order.

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View and download receipts

Our paperless archive

Whether it's an order, invoice or delivery bill - find out here which functions and advantages our paperless document archive has to offer.

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Reorder articles quickly and easily

A reorder with "wake-up function

Reordering articles quickly should be easy. That's why we have enriched our reorder function with all important information.

The last delivery date, ordered and still available quantity or order backlog. Everything at a glance and can be sorted and filtered as desired. So that you do not miss any reorder date of your bestsellers, you can be informed automatically by e-mail about articles which can be ordered only at short notice.

How easy it is and what else our reorder offers you can find out in our short explanatory video.

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Sort, filter and find items

Online shopping can be this fun

To make online shopping even more fun, we not only offer practical sorting and filtering functions in my.BOLTZE, but also various article view options to choose from. Just take a look and see which variant you like best.

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Enter 1000 articles at once

Collective entry that saves time

You already have Excel lists, PDFs or other documents with many BOLTZE article numbers and would now like to know more about these articles (e.g. availabilities, backorders or details)? You can use the collective entry to see your article selection collectively via copy and paste. This is how easy it works:

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Quickly retrieve item details at trade shows and in the showroom

A barcode scanning function for on the go.

You are in the BOLTZE showroom or at a wholesaler trade fair at the BOLTZE booth and just want to know some article details or prices quickly? Now you no longer need to wait for a BOLTZE employee. Simply use your mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet with the practical scan function for BOLTZE barcodes in my.BOLTZE. You want to learn more? Then take a look at this explanatory video.

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Manage users as an administrator

Exclusively for administrator - The admin tile

First and foremost, an administrator decides for their company who may have access to their company account in the BOLTZE dealer portal and who better not. You will know if you have the admin role when you see an admin tile on the dashboard after logging in. You can find out here which user management options this admin tile offers you.

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Still questions?

In our FAQs you will find many answers and further tips. If you have any open questions, you can always send an e-mail to teamdigital(at) We will be happy to help you.