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Merchandise display concepts
Our ready-to-sell product presentation for your POS

A successful product presentation requires good preparation and sufficient time. Planning starts with identifying the current trends on the market. Which styles, themes and specific decorative items are currently particularly popular and in high demand? As soon as you have decided on a style or topic, the next step is to choose the items. Here, you should take as well enough time to select the right items for your clientele. If you can tick off this assignment and have placed your order, it won't be long before the goods arrive at your shop. Now it's time to decorate so that the merchandise presentation makes your customers want to buy. This is where the next challenges might be waiting for you: What is the best way to start? Where is which item best placed? What else do I have to pay attention to? This is where our merchandise display concepts come into play, killing two birds with one stone: we take care of the article selection for you and work it into a merchandise display concept. Based on our data analyses and market research, we know which articles and trends are currently in demand. Using this knowledge, we select matching articles and develop a ready-to-sell solution for presentation in merchandising displays. Since we know that our customers have different sizes of space available, we offer tables, shelves and rolling displays. In this way, we ensure that there is a suitable merchandising display for both a large garden centre and a small boutique in the city centre.

Merchandise displays for different styles & occasions

For the spring/summer season, we have created a wide range of merchandise display concepts with different topics, occasions and styles. One focusses on the trendy Boho style, the next provides suitable decoration ideas for weddings and yet another merchandise display concept beautifully sets the scene for our Mediterranean Everyday theme "Capri Flair". Here, everyone will find a ready-made sales solution for their business model. Discover our large selection and be inspired by our concepts.

By the way: In our reseller portal my.BOLTZE you will also find our product carriers for easy reordering in the "Inspiration" category. The best thing to do is to register directly, log in and simply have a look around yourself. We wish you lots of fun!

Merchandise display concept “BBQ”

When the temperatures rise, we love to spend the weekends outside with family and friends at a BBQ. The lovely BOLTZE accessories, perfectly matched to the barbecue experience, put the icing on the cake for the invitingly laid table. Our deco experts have planned the table, shelf and display with matching merchandise for you, so you can choose the right size for you depending on the dimensions of your business. It's that easy to order the finished look for your shop.

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Merchandise display concept “Boho”

Lots of natural materials, lovely little macramé, fringe and feather details and reduced, bright colours: This is the popular boho style. Our deco experts have put together a table, rolling display and shelf with a selection of our popular items for you. This is how you bring the worldly boho charm into your shop and create a shopping mood among your clientele.

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Merchandise display concept “Cape Cod Living”

For our new, maritime Everyday theme "Cape Cod Living", our deco team has designed a merchandise shelf for you. The combination of articles is a well-chosen and diverse mix of materials, including black and silver metal, striped textiles, glass, blue ceramics and splashes of green in the form of artificial plants. The result is a subtle look that is reminiscent of a stylishly furnished house by the sea.

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Merchandise display concept “Capri Flair”

Discover the irresistible charm of the Mediterranean with our new "Capri Flair" range. Our deco experts have designed a merchandise shelf exclusively for you that will delight your customers. The focus is on the refreshing lemon pattern that decorates tableware and textiles. It is perfectly complemented by a plain olive pattern. Decorative items made of high-quality mango wood and timeless rattan are also included. With our concept, you bring "La Dolce Vita" into your shop.

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Merchandise display concept “Strawberry”

Strikingly red, aromatically sweet, real vitamin bombs and they look so pretty at the same time: Strawberries are rightly one of the most popular fruits in summer. Not only fresh in the bowl, but also on our decorative items, the sweet little fruits are perfectly placed. Our deco experts have planned tables, shelves and rolling displays with matching merchandise for you, so that you can choose the right size for you depending on the dimensions of your shop.

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Merchandise display concept “Wedding”

For couples, the wedding day should be the most beautiful day in their lives. A romantic ambience, which can be created by skilfully placed decorative accents, contributes to this.  Our decoration team has put together a noble look for your clientele, which includes a lot of white, stylish accessories in silver and a few splashes of green.                                   

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Merchandise display concept “Mother’s Day”

Mother's Day is the ideal occasion to say "thank you" to the most important woman in our lives. Our decoration experts have put together a selection of matching gifts with a heart, among which everyone is guaranteed to find something nice for their mother. With the visually appealing merchandise display - shelf, table or rolling displays - your shop is perfectly prepared for Mother's Day and you will put your customers in the mood for giving.

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