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Wholesale rusty ornaments – add a modern touch

In everyday life, rust is associated with deterioration and poor quality. However, this is precisely the opposite when it comes to rusty ornaments in our wholesale rusty ornament range. The products in our wholesale rusty ornament range are treated as part of an oxidation process to give them a special, unique look at the end. These patina figurines and objects are often used as home and garden ornaments. No wonder, given that they attract plenty of attention due to their unique look. Wholesale rusty ornaments are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs: from small garden ornaments to fire bowls and shelves, there are no limits to what you can find. All of these items and much more are available in the BOLTZE wholesale rusty ornament range.

Boltze Rost Deko Sommer Garten

Are you looking for rusty ornaments for your business? Then you’ve come to the right place with the BOLTZE wholesale rusty ornament range. You’ll find a large selection of patina-finished articles in our wholesale rusty ornament range. For example, our ornaments for herb boxes are both decorative and practical at the same time. You can use them to quickly identify the various garden herbs. Patina-finished fire bowls are extremely cosy as they provide a social gathering place when filled with burning, crackling wood. Rusty animal-shaped ornaments are particularly popular. From insects, dogs, cats and bird ornaments, you’ll find the right wholesale rusty ornaments for animal lovers. These wholesale rusty garden ornaments will set you in good stead with your customers and you can offer a large, modern selection.

Our patina-finished garden ornaments in large quantities are extremely practical, which we deliver pre-sorted on goods holders to you from our wholesale rusty ornament range. Here you’ll find a selection of different designs from farm animals, birds, insects and plants as well as soft, curved designs that can be placed more discreetly in the garden. By ordering just one item in our wholesale rusty ornament range, you’ll receive a range of popular designs and benefit from a cheaper price compared to individual purchases. These sets are ideal for DIY stores, nurseries, garden centres and florist shops. Thanks to the goods holders, the articles can be easily placed in your sales area and sold directly, meaning less work for you.

Our rusty ornaments are ideal for combining with other products from our large garden decoration range. In addition to plant pots in various colours, romantic metal garden furniture and wind lights and lanterns, you’ll find everything you need to turn your customers’ gardens into a real feel-good oasis. By visiting our digital my.BOLTZE retailer portal, you can filter by individual styles such as country, Scandinavian or modern to shop more specifically based on your customers’ preferences.

Boltze Rost Deko Inneneinrichtung

As an innovative wholesale of rusty ornaments, we’re always one step ahead. No matter whether you are a retailer or online business, we develop well thought-out concepts and efficient sales solutions for our customers. Our colour schemes are harmonised so that you can easily combine garden furniture with matching plant pots and other decorations from the wholesale rusty ornament range. Items from our own-design series can be beautifully arranged with the pattern appearing on every product.

Enjoy a wide range of choice with an expert like BOLTZE at your side. Create your own, high-margin range of timeless patina-finished products for the home and garden and easily order small or large quantities from our wholesale for rusty ornaments. A contact partner is always on hand to advise you.

Since 1964, we have been a family-run business and leading European wholesaler for home accessories and gifts, and have set our sights on long-term success by working with you to create experiences for your customers. In addition to our rusty ornaments, you’ll also find 11,000 other stylish products in our range to enhance interior and exterior spaces. As a BOLTZE reseller, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive range of services. Our “Best-of items” recommendations are based on data evaluations and our sales area optimisation is carried out on the basis of store checks and analyses of proven area successes. As a wholesale of rusty ornaments, our priority is ensuring permanent availability of goods for you. You’ll find a large selection of rusty ornaments that are available for immediate delivery. By choosing your delivery date, you can receive your goods from our wholesale rusty ornament range precisely when you need them. This means that you don’t have to use your own warehouse space for BOLTZE products. You can also experience our high-quality, diverse product range in person at one of our showrooms in Hamburg and Essen as well as at numerous trade fairs.

Discover our wide range of garden products and patina-finished ornaments in the BOLTZE wholesale rusty ornament range and find the perfect products for your business and customers. Whether it’s wholesale rusty ornaments for the garden, wintery objects or tealight holders with cut-outs for year-round use, speak the language of your customers with our ornaments and offer a wide range of products with a timeless, rusty look and plenty of attention to detail.

Boltze Rost Deko Herbst Winter Garten

You can place orders around the clock, have access to all of our rusty garden ornaments as well as our entire range of 11,000 products, and benefit from the many well thought-out features that are tailored to your needs as a reseller. That’s what the my.BOLTZE retailer portal is all about. It’s far more than just an online shop where you order goods.

If you have already registered as a customer with our wholesale for rusty ornaments, simply give our barcode scanner a try. You can use your mobile device, either a smartphone or tablet, and scan the barcodes of the articles in our showroom or product brochure. The items will then instantly appear in the my.BOLTZE account. You can view additional product information and choose to place the items directly into your shopping basket.

On the shop pages for our wholesale rusty ornaments, you can choose to view the products in an ambience view. A visual focus is placed on the product’s details. This tool can help you decide whether to order the product. If you’ve found a product that interests you, you can click on the heart symbol in the top right-hand corner of the screen and place it into your wish list for later viewing. 

Have these features piqued your interest? Contact us or create your non-binding my.BOLTZE account today and experience our wholesale rusty ornaments for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you as a my.BOLTZE customer soon!