The Boltze mission statement

How we treat one another and how we work together.

Our corporate culture is the main pillar of BOLTZE’s steadfastness as a company. Find out more about us and our values – developed by our staff for our staff.

Our employees identify with our corporate mission statement.

As a member of staff at BOLTZE, I have a positive attitude and cultivate family values such as cooperation, understanding and consideration for others. I work with my colleagues to achieve a goal and give my best in order to continue the company’s success story.

Our employees shape our future with innovation and change.

As a member of staff at BOLTZE, I am open to change and innovations, and contribute my own ideas.
I am committed to turning these ideas into a reality.

Our staff value one another and their uniqueness.

As a member of staff at BOLTZE, I know how important every single one of us is for our shared success. I maintain a friendly, respectful approach towards my colleagues, listen to them attentively and actively provide help when needed.

Our staff put the customer at the focus of what they do.

As a member of staff at BOLTZE, the interests and satisfaction of our customers are at the heart of my day-to-day work.
A friendly, well-informed and confident approach with regard to our customers is a matter of course for me. I maintain a partnership with them based on openness, fairness and reliability.

Our staff show their dedication and act with responsibility.

As a member of staff at BOLTZE, I am 100% committed, passionate and dedicated to achieving our common goals. I also provide a high degree of quality and reliability. It goes without saying that I take a responsible and careful approach to my working materials. With regard to my workspace and my working hours, I am flexible if the workload requires it. I take a long-term view and am ready to develop and change.

Our staff are team players and help each other out. 

As a member of staff at BOLTZE, I understand that I am part of a bigger whole. I contribute my strengths, show interest and act in a responsible way in order to help us achieve our shared goals. I maintain partnerships based on trust and cooperation, including with other teams. I know that a good team is characterised by a strong sense of solidarity and the dedication of each individual member.

Our staff cherish open, fair and respectful communication.

As a member of staff at BOLTZE, I do what I can to ensure fast, sensible exchange of information – both with my direct colleagues as well as between departments. I communicate in a direct and timely manner. I give constructive feedback and can also receive constructive feedback.

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