Time for coziness

When it gets uncomfortable outside, we make it even more beautiful inside! With cuddly materials in combination with lots of light we defy the winter blues and already count the days until Christmas, because then the decorating really starts! Our new collections offer a perfect transition of the seasons and make
every decoration heart beat faster!

Timeless Fall
Timeless Fall
  • Inspiration: Fall in Love
  • Style: In true style and mysterious
  • Materials: Ceramics, glass, stoneware
  • Key pieces: Lantern, vases, candles


Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
  • Inspiration: Indian Summer
  • Style: Bright and shiny
  • Materials: Leather, corduroy, wood
  • Key pieces: Pumpkins, forest animals, lanterns
Santa's Home
Santa's Home
  • Inspiration: Traditional Christmas
  • Style: Cozy and classic
  • Materials: Fabric, wood, stoneware
  • Key pieces: Nutcracker, rocking horses, Santas
Easy Christmas
Easy Christmas
  • Inspiration: Scandinavian Holidays
  • Style: Loving and refreshing
  • Materials: Wood, paper, felt
  • Key pieces: Gnomes, biscuit tins, dinnerware
Cool Christmas
Cool Christmas
  • Inspiration: Shades of Sage
  • Style: Cool and noble
  • Materials: Stoneware, paper, glass
  • Key pieces: Branches, Christmas balls, ceramic houses
Christmas Moments
  • Inspiration: Cosy Happiness
  • Stil: Natürlich und rustikal
  • Materialien: Filz, Aluminium, Strick
  • Keypieces: Tischläufer, Karo-Kissen, Wichtel
Glamorous White
  • Inspiration: Pure Elegance
  • Style: Sparkling and glamorous
  • Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, glass
  • Key pieces: Christmas balls, candleholders, stars
Christmas Rendezvous
  • Inspiration: Romantic Christmas
  • Style: Feminine and modern
  • Materials: Velvet, ceramics, pearls
  • Key pieces: Figurative hangers, vases, candles

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Supernatural Christmas
Supernatural Christmas
  • Inspiration: Sustainability ahead
  • Style: Natural and sustainable
  • Materials: Recycled paper, wood, stoneware
  • Key pieces: Paper stars, decoration rings, hogweed

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Black Christmas
  • Inspiration: Black is back
  • Style: Modern and noble
  • Materials: Paper, linnen, coloured wood
  • Key pieces: Paper stars, candle holders, table cloths

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Arrived at last

The own home is becoming more and more important and therefore deserves a new look every now and then. Natural and lasting materials continue to be fully trendy - combined with soothing earth tones, Scandinavian simplicity or in interaction with announced indoor plants. You will find these and further living trends on the following pages...

Trends 2021
Down to earth
Down to earth
  • Inspiration: Earthy colours 
  • Style: Clear and modern
  • Materials: Terracotta, stoneware, leather
  • Key pieces: Lantern, wall objects, cubical pictures
All about Nature
All about Nature
  • Inspiration: Back to Nature
  • Style: Trendsy and sustainable
  • Materials: Natural wickerwork, cotton, stoneware
  • Key pieces: Chairs, baskets, dinnerware
Modern Country
Modern Country
  • Inspiration: Cottage Style
  • Style: Bright and cozy
  • Materials: Wood, wicker, cotton
  • Key pieces: Furniture, trays, lanterns
Scandi Love
Scandi Love
  • Inspiration: Cool Minimalism
  • Style: Simple and natural
  • Materials: Glass, ceramics, light coloured wood
  • Key pieces: Wall pictures, table lights, mirrows
Urban Plants
Urban Plants
  • Inspiration: Green Living
  • Style: Natural and urban
  • Materials: Glass, ceramics, natural wickerwork
  • Key pieces: Plant pots on stand, side tables, lanterns


Around the world
Around the world
  • Inspiration: Mid-Century Glam 
  • Style: Luxurious and extravagant 
  • Materials: Smoked glass, porcellain, aluminium
  • Key pieces: Wall pictures, table lamps, consoles


New Industry
New Industry
  • Inspiration: Factory Style
  • Style: Original and lived
  • Materials: Metal, cast iron, aluminium
  • Key pieces: Furniture, clocks, shelves


Mountain Lover
Mountain Lover
  • Inspiration: Cabin Charme 
  • Style: Traditional and cozy
  • Materials: Fake fur, aluminium, wood
  • Key pieces: Antlers, cushions, lanterns


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