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Coastal Living
Maritime accessories and materials from nature provide the coastal look in your customers' homes. This theme is given a trendy colour upgrade by…
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It is hard to imagine fashion without the classic maritime look as in our "Lakehouse" collection. In contrast to ever new styles, this trend is a…
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Sailors Greetings
We start with our trendy theme "Sailor's Greetings", which is on a direct trend course with maritime motifs, natural materials such as jute and linen…
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Discover Italian flair
We bring the Italian flair into your shop and create the right mood for exuberant summer evenings! With fresh colours like yellow and petrol in…
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Ibiza Sunset
This is what summer feels like! With trendy beige tones and natural materials, the relaxed Ibiza look also succeeds in your customers' homes. The…
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The mountain calls
Just like the sea, the mountains have always been a place of longing. A place to hike, enjoy and linger. With lots of wood, rough textures and soft…
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Black Christmas & Glamouros White
Not everything is always black or white - but it is in our new trend collections for Christmas. With the Glamorous White collection, you open up a…
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